2-Pack Jerk Meatsmack

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After several trips to Jamaica and eating many meals of either Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork, I wanted to be able to eat these meals at home. I quickly discovered it to be very difficult to cook authentic tasting Jerk with any of the sauces or marinades in the store. Meatsmack Jerk brings you as close to Jamaican Jerk as you will find - it is thick and very spicy. Like authentic Jerk, Meatsmack Jerk is based in the main three Jerk ingredients - allspice, habanero (scotch bonnet), and thyme. This sauce contains ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Irie! Ya Mon! Tasting Notes: Jerk hits you with a mellow sweetness of banana, then the robust blast of Jamaican spices smacks your mouth, leaving a lingering taste and heat that will have you eating it straight and looking for more things to 'smack!
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