2-Pack RAZ-Chipotle Meatsmack

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Delivery weight: 60 oz

The RAZ-Chipotle Meatsmack was actually created on whim in about 30min. It is simply a slight adaptation to the original sauce. The end result is a completely different - bold and spicy sauce that brings a "Wow!" to anything you wish to 'smack. Like the original, RAZ-Chipotle Meatsmack does not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial smoke flavoring. Our sweetness comes from sugar, while our “smoke” comes from premium chipotle powder. Tasting Notes: Raz-Chipotle hits you with tangy raspberry and a touch of sweetness, then the robust taste of 13 herbs & spices kicks in, followed by a smack of smoky chipotle heat and lingering taste that will have you eating it straight and looking for more things to 'smack!
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